Haley’s Heart


2019 ~ Eleventh Addition

Thank you from TCH Advisory Board

The TCH Advisory Board has grown tremendously over the years that we have been working with them.  It is great seeing kids once at the hospital wanting to give back and make a difference to others going through similar experiences.

Delivery of Presents to TCH

It was a wonderful day on December 15th as we were able to bring so much hard work and effort over the year to finally be able to deliver the wagons and toys to our friends at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Alma helps us tremendously organizing everything and there were a lot of extra hands with the TCH Board helping as well as Austin Cappelmann made a return appearance as a member of Ryan’s Rainbow.  Mrs. Cappelmann even came dressed in her holiday cheer!

We have used the same volunteer moving company to load up the wagons from King & Spalding’s office downtown and then take them over to the hospital.  As this was the third year in a row, we were able to deliver gifts directly to the patients at Texas Children’s Hospital, we seemed to have a real system working.  

However, there are always a few kids that come in that will stick in your head forever.  For me, it was a girl named Kinsley who came in and she was a little older and I could tell that she was looking for something but could not find anything.  I brought over a huge teddy bear too her and she was so appreciative, it really was a special moment.  I later found out that Kinsley lives in my neighborhood and when the picture below was posted, someone mentioned that it was me and Kinsley and I were able to reconnect.  Now she wants to help with Ryan’s Rainbow next year!  


Here we go again… building the Wagons!

The day before the delivery, King & Spalding for the 9th year in a row participating in a donation drive and building the wagons.  This year it was a bit tricky for them because their entire office is under renovation so the nice people in the building told them that they could build down on the first floor and did they build!  36 wagons in total and all filled with the toys that were purchased.  Nameplates were put on the wagons again and it is really cool seeing Ryan’s Rainbow wagons around the hospital.  

We Love to Shop!

Rosehill Christian School once again participated in the shopping for toys for us this year.  We had a number of new faces as well as the Freshmen came out in numbers and got to learn about Ryan’s Rainbow and experience the joy of shopping for toys for our friends in the hospital.  We had a lunch at Chili’s to talk about the organization and then headed over with gift cards and lists in hand to see what damage we can do.  Target does a good job having people there ready to help us.

2020 Marks an Unbelievable Journey….

This year, 2020, marks the end of an incredibly meaningful journey for Ryan’s Rainbow.  When we started back in 2007, Ryan was 7 and I was only 4.  Our speech that we gave that year, with pictures used instead of words for me (I could not quite read yet), kept us true to our mission – to help kids one penny at a time.  We may not have been the biggest organization that Texas Children’s sees at Christmas time, but we were always there – always shopping and giving from our hearts and the hearts of the 100s of volunteers that helped and donated throughout the years.  No amount of a donation was too small and no desire to help was too little.  We welcomed it all.  Ryan is now at Georgia Tech and will be finishing up his sophomore year this year.  I will be heading off early to college in January 2021 on a D1 soccer scholarship.  Ryan’s Rainbow will always have an incredible place in our hearts and we hope to make 2020 the best year ever as we pass on the baton to a new group of eager kids that will find a passion to serve.