Haleys Heart 2008


Kind words

                       “Congratulations to you on thinking about those less fortunate.  We watched your video and were so impressed with your maturity.  You are blessed to have parents who support you so lovingly and the children you are helping are very blessed to have you.”

Delivery of Presents

We delivered the presents to the hospital in a big truck because we could not fit them in our car.

Shopping Trip — first one

                         We had a lot of fun.  It was hard finding just the right presents.  We really had to think about what to get kids that maybe could not run around.  We bought over 200 of them!



Our speech to the hospital

I was really nervous — I was only 5 and could not read yet, so my mom had pictures and small words for my part.  We practiced a lot before the speech, but it turned out pretty good.    You can see our speech on the website under “About Us.”