Haleys Heart 2009


Kind words

“Texas Children’s is so grateful for the success of Ryan’s Rainbow!  A special thank you to Ryan and Haley for all of your wonderful work this year.  We can’t wait for next year!”

“We were so happy to read the article in the Courier this week and see how your project has grown….  Thanks for helping make this Christmas a little merrier for some Texas kids.”

“So many adults think, “what difference can one person make?” but your kids say “We can fix this” and, believe they can, they do!  Good for them!”

“It has been very exciting to see how a single idea has made such a significant impact on the lives of other children…..You understand that by giving to others, you can greatly affect the well-being of people who are in need.”

From a second grader at Coulson Tough Elementary in their own handwriting:   “I hope it’s not to late to turn in money for Ryan’s Rainbow.”

Delivery of presents

We went to Texas Children’s Hospital on December 12th with over 600 toys and 30 Radio Flyer Wagons.  There were lots of kid volunteers helping us.  We could not deliver the presents right to the kids because they were too sick.  Only one person, like a mom, dad, brother or sister was allowed to go up to the hospital room so Santa was going to stop by the room where we dropped off the presents and pick out the perfect present for each kid in the hospital.

We went on a hospital tour and we saw the library, the chapel and the game room.  The Children’s Ambassadors came with us on the tour and talked about their time they have spent at the hospital.

It made me feel sad because kids had to stay in the hospital for a long time and over Christmas.  Some of the kids are very lucky because they only got to stay in their for a little bit.  I feel lucky that my brother and I weren’t sick to be in the hospital.

Buying presents

A lot of kid volunteers came early on Saturday morning to Wal-Mart to shop for presents.  We had a list of things that we need to get.  We had 10 carts filled to the tippy top with presents.  We even got to buy kitchens, shopping carts, food and Nintendo DS with games for the hospital.

We unloaded all the presents and put them in the wagons.  It looked amazing how many presents we had.  The kids are going to be so happy about getting presents instead of staying in the hospital and doing nothing but trying to get better.

Building wagons — one at a time

We helped build these huge red Radio Flyer wagons at my mom’s office.   My mom’s office donated money to purchase the wagons for the hospital as part of
’s Rainbow.  There was a lot of wagons and pretty ribbons were tied on them.   We are going to put the presents in the wagon so we can give them to the hospital.

Coulson Tough

For one full week, the whole elementary school that Ryan and I attend collected change for Ryan’s Rainbow.  We got almost $1000!  We love Mrs. English, the principal, for letting us do this and giving us so much support!

Lemonade Stand

Three girls, Chloe, Brooklyn and Sydney, from my school set up a lemonade stand and collected money for Ryan’s Rainbow.  They are the best!

Woodlands Elite

My cheer team is amazing.  They got presents and brought change for Ryan’s Rainbow.  They are all so special to me and to Ryan’s Rainbow.

New website

www.Ryansrainbow.org was changed and it looks really cool now.

4th of July

We made a float for the Woodlands 4th of July parade to let everyone know about Ryan’s Rainbow.  There was a rainbow on the float that we made with balloons in different colors.  Kid volunteers and their parents helped to build the float.  It was a lot of work but really fun.  We decorated buckets and on the 4th of July we handed candy out to the people and told them about Ryan’s Rainbow.

Ryan’s B-Day Party:

All the kids brought presents for kids in the hospital instead of giving them to Ryan for his birthday — this is how my brother wanted it.  We got lots and lots of presents for Ryan’s Rainbow.