Haleys Heart 2010



            We received a lot of news coverage in November in December for Ryan’s Rainbow.  You can check out the articles and pictures under the “NEWS” section!

Delivering the Presents

           It was a special day for us on Saturday, December 11th.   We delivered over 750 presents to the Children’s Advisory Board members at the hospital (who are former and current patients at the hospital that represent all the kids at Texas Children’s), all being carried in 40 donated wagons that can be left at the hospital for the kids to get around in.  The kids use the wagons to go from their room to the treatment center – which is much better than using a wheelchair sometimes (and more fun!).

Oh what fun it is to shop!

We had so much fun shopping for presents this year on December 3rd!  I felt like our shopping carts kept going on and on at Wal-Mart.  We had about 25 Ryan’s Rainbow kids there with their lists of things to get.  Mom would count how many gifts went into each cart.   We had to load up all the presents in three cars to get them all out of there!

Building the Wagons

King & Spalding again raised money to purchase the wagons that would stay at Texas Children’s Hospital.  This is the second year in a row that they did it.  They got done really fast building them – I guess they got it down after the year before!  Seeing all those wagons there with ribbons tied around them made me feel very happy and hope that someone would be smiling when they saw them.

Washington D.C. Medallion Club at King & Spalding

The Washington Medallion Club at King & Spalding collected money to be used to purchase a wagon for Ryan’s Rainbow. The card below was created by the human resource manager’s 9 year old son, Ryan Oswald. They said that they were “all touched by the article in the King Pen and wanted to participate in a small way.” 

Woodlands Elite

Woodlands Elite cheer teams collected over 90 presents to be donated to Ryan’s Rainbow.   There were a few special girls (like Tawny Jones) who went around and collected money as well to then buy the presents for the kids.

Zoie Hebert heard about Ryan’s Rainbow through her aunt, Kim Carmody, and wanted to do something to help the kids.  So, she took an idea to her principal at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School in Baytown and they had a toy drive and donated the toys to Ryan’s Rainbow.  How neat is that!

4th of July

On 4th of July we made for the parade for Ryan’s Rainbow.  The float was great and we had a lot of people helping build it.  It rained the whole day we built it but there was no rain the morning we walked the parade.  We handed out candy and talked about Ryan’s Rainbow.  We won the Most Beautiful Float again!  It was an awesome feeling knowing we were telling people about Ryan’s Rainbow.   See all the fun pictures!

Brandon Lemmons

Our friend Brandon Lemmons had a birthday party and gave all his presents to Ryan’s Rainbow.  It was awesome!

My Birthday

I had a big birthday party with all my friends and asked everyone to bring presents for Ryan’s Rainbow instead of me.  I collected all the presents and I gave them to Ryan’s Rainbow.  It was tons!

I Have a Dream

            Around Martin Luther King’s Day, I had to write a paper about my dream – and it was helping kids in the hospital with Ryan’s Rainbow.