Haleys Heart 2011


Kind Words

Ryan’s Rainbow is such an inspiration to the staff and families here at TCH.  The toys and wagons that are delivered to the hospital allow the families to feel supported through their hospitalization.  The wagons allow for children and families to leave their hospital rooms to visit the playroom and library.  The toys provide play experiences that are difficult to experience while a child is hospitalized.  Especially over the holiday’s families needs some extra joy, that’s what the gifts of Ryan Rainbow has given these families, the joy of the holiday season during a difficult moment in their lives.

Jamie Snow, MBA, CCLS
Assistant Director, Child Life and Social Work
Texas Children’s Hospital

 In Honor of/In Memory of

 This year we decided to put plates on the back of the wagons that said “In Honor Of …” and “In Memory of ….” so that when people donated wagons to Ryan’s Rainbow, they would be able to do it in the name of someone.  So, if you see any wagons with the name plate on – you know they came from Ryan’s Rainbow!

 Building of the Wagons at King & Spalding

 King & Spalding law firm once again helped Ryan’s Rainbow with the donation of tons of Radio Flyer Wagons.  On a Saturday in December, a bunch of people come out and help put them together – then we put the toys that were donated or purchased in the wagons so they are ready to be delivered to the hospital.  They can build these wagons so fast now!


Prodigy – Team Electric

Thanks so much to Team Electric at Prodigy All-Stars (my amazing cheer team). We collected so many presents and received enough money to purchase in total 150 presents!

Our Website

          Check out the new pictures and information on our website.  A special thanks to John Brown for all his work on this!

 Special Delivery

         Ryan’s Rainbow found out that in January a special little boy was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and loved the wagons at the hospital.  We delivered a special wagon to him at the hospital that was all his own – complete with his name on a license plate on the back of the wagon so he could take it to and from the hospital.