Haleys Heart 2012


Delivering the Presents This Year

            We delivered more presents and Radio Flyer wagons than ever before!  I couldn’t believe how full the U-Haul truck was.  We were able to meet the Texas Children’s Advisory Board who accepted the gifts on behalf of the kids in the hospital.  They are pictured next to me and my brother at the hospital.

Building the Wagons

            King & Spalding can build these wagons SO fast! They have it down pat – they know exactly what to do and what is needed.  The amount of people that came to help was really awesome.  After the wagons were built, we had a bunch of Ryan’s Rainbow kids help put the toys in them.

The Name Plates

            The name plates are a big hit with everyone!  People wanted these name plates in memory of family or friends that passed away or in honor of someone special.  My mom and dad had one done for Ryan and me as the “founders” of Ryan’s Rainbow.  So, if you are ever at the hospital and see a wagon with a name plate on it, you know it came from us!

Mrs. Shackelford’s 7th grade Pre-AP Class/2nd Period

 My brother’s history class could not believe that he set up a website and was co-founder of a charity until they went and saw the webpage (and of course, Ryan and I when we were REALLY little).  They thought it was pretty cool and took up a coin collection to help with donations.

My Best Friend

           Rylie and I are like sisters.  When I found out she had to go to Texas Children’s Hospital so they could help fix her heart, I knew that everything would be just fine because the doctors there are amazing.  When we deliver presents and wagons, I think of her and all the other kids and families that have gone to Texas Children’s Hospital and hope that our little gifts help put a smile on their faces.