Haleys Heart 2014


Delivery of Presents to TCH

The TCH Advisory Board is always amazing and helps bring out the best in our organization. AJ, standing up in the back, came all the way from Navasota to participate in the delivery of the wagons from the TCH Advisory Board. There is not one other organization that donates wagons — we are it. The wagons really mean so much to the hospital. We were told by some of the TCH Advisory Board parents that families “hoard” the wagons on the floors for their kids because it is the one thing on the floor that makes them forget they are in the hospital. They said that the only way some kids will even leave their room is if they had a wagon.

Silverback Elite Fitness is CONTINUES TO GIVE! 

Silverback Elite Fitness contacted us again and wanted to do give back to the community.  They collected over 50 toys and gifts to give to Texas Children’s Hospital as part of our Ryan’s Rainbow drive.  We are so thankful for their support of our organization and so were the kids at TCH!  

King & Spalding Does It Again…

King & Spalding collected enough money to purchase over 30 wagons and 5 five Samsung Galaxy nooks and cases for the older kids at the hospital again this year for TCH and helped fill the wagons with the toys that Ryan’s Rainbow bought.  We put the name plates on them like last year – it is great to see everyone helping! 


Shopping Day! 

We are so lucky to have such wonderful Ryan’s Rainbow supporters from Rosehill Christian School that helped us with the shopping this year at the local Target in Tomball.  The managers at Target even helped us with some of the donations!  We had a lot of readers in the group, so lots of books and games were purchased as well as over 750 gifts that filled 10 shopping carts and took over 4 hours to shop! It took the checker at Target over an hour to check us out.  Everyone had some much needed refreshments afterwards! 

It is interesting how many people have a connection to Texas Children’s Hospital.  One of the “shoppers” told us that she got very sick a few years ago and ended up several times at the Texas Children’s Hospital where she ended up being a resident for over a month.  She was very grateful to the staff and hospital for all they did for her and she was so happy to participate in the shopping day because it meant giving back something to the people who essentially saved her life.