Haleys Heart 2015


Delivery of Presents to TCH

The TCH Advisory Board never ceases to amaze us and were there again helping with the delivery of the wagons and toys to TCH.  One of the gaming consoles we delivered was immediately whisked away to a cancer patient whose birthday it was that day and was having a hard time that he was not going home for Christmas. 

Ms. Tamara at TCH said she wanted to do an article about Ryan’s Rainbow and Haley’s Heart for TCH’s newsletter and asked to speak with Mr. Gary Eiland, who has donated a wagon the last several years in memory of a great man at TCH, Dr. Feign.  We are also going to look into next year visiting some of the kids in the hospital that have benefited from Ryan’s Rainbow.  Should be an exciting year next year!

King & Spalding – Record Collections

King & Spalding collected enough money to purchase 36 wagons as well as Samsung Galaxies and large gaming consoles for the older kids at the hospital again this year for TCH and helped fill the wagons with the toys that Ryan’s Rainbow bought.  We put the name plates on them like last year – it is great to see everyone helping!

Let’s Go Shopping!

            We had an amazing shopping day that Friday before Thanksgiving.  We had 24 junior high and high school students from Rosehill Christian School spend the first four hours of their Thanksgiving break with us learning about Ryan’s Rainbow and shopping for presents at the local Target in Tomball.  The managers at Target even helped us with some of the donations! 

            Everyone who shopped had a huge appreciation of what it takes to find the “perfect” gift for a sick child in the hospital over Christmas.  They really took the list seriously and wanted to make someone’s day special.

            We shopped for over 750 presents, 6 Samsung Galaxy Tablets and protective sleeves; Xbox 360, another controller and 3 games; Xbox One, another controller and 3 games; PS4, another controller and 3 games; PS3, another controller and 3 games and 2 WII U with extra controller for each and an extra game for each.  We also had several donations of toys from various Ryan’s Rainbow friends, including games, and collector Barbie Dolls.

Donors from the Start

We have had great support from our family and friends from the very first day Ryan and I had this crazy idea to form an organization.  Besides my mom and my dad, our grandparents have been there from the start supporting us with donations.  We have also had over 25 people support Ryan’s Rainbow continuously over the last 7 years which is just amazing to me.  With so many organizations out there, these people continue to support what we are doing – one penny at a time.