Haleys Heart 2016



Delivery of Presents to TCH

This year was special in our delivery of toys and wagons to Texas Children’s hospital. We were able to deliver the presents and wagons to the Children’s Advisory Board once again. But we were also able to go up to several floors and bring toys directly to the nurses’ stations to be given to the kids on that floor. The nurses were awesome and we were able to tell them all about Ryan’s Rainbow. We also had a request from Texas Children’s if some of the wagons could be given directly to the patients that were in need. Of course, we said “yes”!

King & Spalding, LLP  – This firm rocks!

King & Spalding is in its sixth year of participating in the Ryan’s Rainbow efforts.  This year, they again collected enough money to purchase 36 wagons as well as six IPAD2 Minis and 4 Leapfrogs.  They had a contest at King & Spalding to see what floor could generate the most participation in building the wagons.  You can see from the pictures that tons of people showed up to build the wagons and put toys in them.   We put the name plates on them like last year so if you are ever at Texas Children’s and see a nameplate that says “Ryan’s Rainbow” you know it came from our organization!

Let’s Go Shopping!

 Within two hours of the “request” asking people to help shop, we had filled all our slots!  Word about Ryan’s Rainbow has quickly spread and we are so thankful so many people want to spend their day off with us shopping for toys.  We had 22 junior high and high school students from Rosehill Christian School take time out to learn about Ryan’s Rainbow and shop for presents at the local Target in Tomball.  The managers at Target stopped by and took pictures and even gave us a donation! 

We shopped for over 675 presents and gaming consoles and everyone was really into finding the right gift for a sick child in the hospital over Christmas.

Dr. Abusharr – Family Medicine at Sterling Ridge

 So Dr. Abusharr, our family doctor in the Woodlands, was asking his patients to “buy” an ornament for the office tree and the donations would go to a local charity.  My mom was in his office and bought an ornament and then later asked “what organization?”  Dr. Abusharr said he was looking for a grass roots organization where the money would make an impact.  Of course, she mentioned Ryan’s Rainbow and look what we got!  A $1,000 check donation from his office and all the patients that participated in the fundraising event.  This was absolutely amazing and we are so grateful for Dr. Abusharr’s kind heart in our efforts of “kids helping kids.”

Family Medicine at Sterling Ridge

With great excitement I am announcing that our 2016 Christmas Tree Patient Ornament fundraiser is directed towards and incredible non-profit run BY KIDS for KIDS! – http://ryansrainbow.org/ – there is really no better way than to give needed donations to a grassroots organization that takes ZERO administrative fees and spends every dollar on its mission to support other children during the holidays. Its a real honor to support Ryan and his organization. My thanks to “JM” for suggesting this perfect charity.

Silverback Elite Fitness

 Silverback Elite Fitness was a sponsor of Ryan’s Rainbow again this year!  They had several workout sessions where they asked their customers to bring in toys for Ryan’s Rainbow.  They collected over 50 presents to give to the kids in the hospital.  You guys are the best!

Ryan’s B-Day Party

So big brother turned 16 this year and had a birthday party to celebrate.  One cool thing he did is he asked people to bring toys for Ryan’s Rainbow instead of a gift for himself.  He really wanted people to understand how important this organization is to us and to the kids in the hospital.  Way to go, big brother.  I’m proud of you!